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A dry oak leaf in ink

Stages in the drawing of an oak leaf in ink

Above: Four stages in the drawing of a dried oak leaf, using ink and a brush. Click on any of the thumbnails for a closer look.

For this drawing I worked from life, using an oak leaf I had found during a walk. I lit the leaf low from the side, so that I could study its veins. I first drew out the main shape and veins in pencil, and added several layers of pale wash to give the form of the leaf. Then I focused on the details in slightly darker ink wash using a magnifier on the subject, and drawing through my magnifier light.

The ink is my usual Winsor & Newton Liquid Indian Ink, diluted with distilled water in a palette. I began with a size 6 watercolour brush for the paler washes, and added the details with a size 00. The size of the drawing is approx. 21 x 15cm, and the paper is Strathmore Bristol Board.

Ink drawing on drawing board, showing materials used

Above: Here are a few photographs of the drawing on me drawing board. The dried and curled leaf subject can be seen, as well as the distilled water I’m using to create the washes, which are held in the palette. The two brushes are also shown.

You can see more of these drawings in brush and ink in this gallery of drawings of leaves.

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