Liverwort in Pencil

“Liverworts”, 2012
Pencil on Cartridge paper, approx. 11″ x 9″

I have masses of liverwort in my garden around the edges of the pond, and in crevices in the pathways. Along with mosses they are some of my favourite plants. I love them for their simplicity and lack of colourful flowers, and as I have mentioned before, for the the way they give the impression of tiny landscapes, especially the tiny receptacles on the liverwort which resemble miniature palm trees.

This pencil study of liverwort is quite a bit larger than some of my recent drawings. There are none of the umbrella-like receptacles, but it’s possible to see instead the little cup-like ‘cupules‘. I think the moss-like plants between the larger forms are another type of liverwort rather than a moss. I’ve included some close-up views of this drawing, so you can see the pencil strokes.

I will be alternating bee drawings and other natural subjects over the coming months. Many of these will be available for sale in future. If you would like to be notified of drawings available for sale, follow the link to the Purchase page. Thanks!

I’ve also updated the Galleries to include a page on the Lichen, Moss and Liverworts.

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