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Liverwort in Pencil

“Liverworts”, 2012
Pencil on Cartridge paper, approx. 11″ x 9″

I have masses of liverwort in my garden around the edges of the pond, and in crevices in the pathways. Along with mosses they are some of my favourite plants. I love them for their simplicity and lack of colourful flowers, and as I have mentioned before, for the the way they give the impression of tiny landscapes, especially the tiny receptacles on the liverwort which resemble miniature palm trees.

Pencil study of a liverwort

This pencil study of liverwort is quite a bit larger than some of my recent drawings. There are none of the umbrella-like receptacles, but it’s possible to see instead the little cup-like ‘cupules‘. I think the moss-like plants between the larger forms are another type of liverwort rather than a moss. I’ve included some close-up views of this drawing, so you can see the pencil strokes.

Liverwort on a stone

Above: Another study of liverwort from my garden. This subject has attached itself to a large pebble.

I’ve also updated the Galleries to include a page on the Lichen, Moss and Liverworts.

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