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Article in The Times

Just a little update to mention that a small piece appeared in last Sunday’s Times Newspaper (16th March 2013, behind paywall) with details of my upcoming exhibition at The Coach House Gallery, Edgbaston (5th-23rd April 2013).

Images of drawings which will be appearing in the exhibition are now online here: Leafcutter Bees Gallery.

Further information on the exhibition can be found in this earlier blog post.

You can read an interview with me in Bee Mentor which looks at my interest in leafcutter bees, but also covers my drawing techniques and practice, and my photography.

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  1. Annette Barsby

    Fantastic news Christine will be sharing this all over.
    Well done x

  2. Christine

    Many thanks, Annette! Looking forward to Spring and a new generation of Leafcutters – hope your bees are doing well.

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