Bees in pen and ink: Dip pens


Above, left: Some quick sketches of a newly-emerged leafcutter. Above, centre and right: close-up views of a larger study of a leafcutter bee, showing the variety of lines used.

Above: Gillott nib looking slightly worn – I just hope that when I start using the next one it gives me the same results, or I’m going to be very disappointed!

The close-up of the nib above was taken with my new compact camera, which I’m hoping to use to take some better photographs of the bees. I have been struggling with the older photographs of the bees I’ve taken, since they don’t have the detail that I want to record in these drawings. At the moment I’m enjoying the weather, chasing insects around the garden and getting used to the camera. I have been really pleased to find miner bees digging in my garden for the first time this year. I don’t know whether I’ve missed them before, or they’re here for the first time.

I’ll post a few of the new pictures in the photography part of the site soon. For now, there is a link below to take you to some of my earlier photographs, and information on the solitary bees.

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All images and text ©Christine Farmer

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  1. Tara Rayner


    I love what you’re doing here, you are one of the most creative people I know.


  2. Christine Post author

    Thank you – yes, those are beautiful drawings on your flickr, aren’t they?

  3. brian

    Your drawings are a study of observation and meditative concentration. What a fantastic skill to have developed. You have conquered the micro skills, how do you breath out again, back into day to day activity, after such fine work? or does it just come naturally?

  4. Christine Post author

    Oh, Brian, what an interesting question, and something I’d never considered before now. I think it’s something like waking up from a dream, and realising once again that there’s this thing called reality going on as ‘normal’ all around! Do you draw?

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